The Prince, the Princess and the Pre-nup

Great headline from the Guardian last month. Will the Princess agree to a prenup? Will the Prince insist on a pre-nup? William and Kate have just got engaged and family law solicitors are talking money!

Really, it’s about wealth planning. It is about protecting the Princess as much as it is protecting the wealth of the Royal Family. Look what happened to Fergie! Aside from necessary clauses regarding confidentiality, surely this Princess will be advised to get a pre-nuptial agreement. Does she get to keep the ring?!

We have read a lot about prenuptial agreements in the press recently. If they are constructed correctly and reviewed regularly, they are most likely to be upheld by the court.

No doubt, both the Prince and the Princess have access to the best family law solicitors to ensure that the agreement is sound. Hopefully, Prince William and Princess Kate will never need to rely on the pre-nup.

I'm looking forward to the wedding!

Best regards Harjit Sarang


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