Mr and Mr D - surrogacy Poland


Thank you so much for everything that you have done to help navigate our way through surrogacy in Poland.

We feel so grateful and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being there whenever we needed you be it day, night, evenings and weekends.   You answered all of our questions and without you this would have been so much harder.  You are in our lives forever.   God bless you and thank you.  Elliot will always know about you because you are in our journal pretty much everyday!  We still haven't managed to get our photo with you and hope we can arrange that soon.

Mr and Mrs J - surrogacy in India

Harjit Sarang, our lawyer during our process.

She specialises in surrogacy and got me and my 4 kids through the parental order process smoothly.

A wonderful person and a dear friend also she is.


Mr and Mrs P - surrogacy in India

We were recommend Harjit by a friend and have to say what a lady she is.   Always has time for you and replies back so quickly.

Excellent value for money, her fees are really responsible.

Thanks Harjit for all your support, without you we would have been in trouble !


Mr and Mrs U - Surrogacy in India

This was the first Parental order that we applied for and we were extremely anxious. Harjit Sarang  put us at ease and made the process straightforward and very easy.

She was very reliable and available at all times. Harjit was professional, personable  and very good with all the paperwork; even the judge commented on our application being one of the best she had come across.

We would wholeheartedly  recommend  Harjit.

Shafa and Dulari


Mr and Mrs J - Surrogacy in India

Harjit Sarang was very helpful, reliable and provided good value for our money. They really helped us throughout our journey and in obtaining the parental order. I'd recommend her services.


Mr and Mrs P - Surrogacy in India

Harjit Sarang of Best Solicitors LLP excels in her professionalism and efficient manner in which she handled our case throughout our journey through the British Parental Order process.

As well as being friendly and approachable, her support and guidance came with prompt and clear responses which have been invaluable and sincerely appreciated.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Harjit Sarang to anyone.


Mr and Mrs Wheeler - surrogacy in India

I am very delighted to recommend Harjit Sarang, Head of Family at Best Solicitors LLP, for the quality of her legal work in helping my wife and I to successfully obtain the British Parental Order for our son born in surrogacy, in India.  Harjit impressed both myself and the UK Court for her knowledge and thoroughness.  Her Court Bundle was so thorough, accurate and informative that I am sure the Judge's decision was largely influenced by and based on Harjit's thorough work.    I have already been blowing your trumpet in India Harjit, keep up the good work!

Mr and Mrs Wheeler's Order was granted after just one Hearing that lasted no more than 15 minutes. 


Mr and Mrs S - Surrogacy in India

Thank you so much for getting us to this point - as S's legal parents.  It was such a pleasure to work with you - hopefully we will again soon!


Mrs D - Divorce

Harjit, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me throughout this whole process. Without your help, support and advice I have no doubt that things would have been far more stressful!


Mr D and Mr Y - Surrogacy in the UK

Harjit Sarang of Best Solicitors LLP has been superb in assisting us in getting the parental order for our twins.  Harjit produced an excellent court bundle for our case and was even praised by the Magistrate in the court for its level of detail and organisation!  Harjit is very approachable, friendly and efficient and kept us informed along the way of any potential matters.  We are more than happy to recommend Harjit Sarang and so glad we picked her to handle our case.


The Miltons - Surrogacy in the UK

We have been extremely satisfied with the professional and faultless service provided by Harjit Sarang and would not hesitate to recommend her to others for legal representation.


Mr A and Mr G - Surrogacy in the UK

We would like to thank Harjit for both her professional and personal support through our parental order application.  The process was made very easy for us and the appointed parental officer even said that she had no questions for us because Harjit just did a perfect job with our application and reports.  in court, it went very easy and a parental order was given at the first hearing.  Thank you Harjit for your help throughout the process, we are very grateful!  Stephen, Pascal and Alexandre.


Mr C and Mr G - Surrogacy in the UK

Thanks for all your help in preparing the case.  We realise your hard work for careful preparation was key in having a very easy Hearing today.

Thank immensely from a very happy family!


Mr and Mrs V Surrogacy in India

Harjit produced an excellent bundle of documents for our case.  She put together everything that we needed and liaised with our Dr and lawyers in India.  We cannot imagine how we would have got the Parental order without her.


Mr and Mrs T - Surrogacy in India

What seemed like a daunting process was made so much easier with Harjit as our solicitor. She explained things clearly and made us understand the process. She provides a professional service and would highly recommend her.


Lawrie Jordan, TV Producer - co-parenting agreement

I recently approached Harjit with a draft co-parenting agreement which I wanted her to advise on. Harjit took this on with great enthusiasm and came back with a very informed and encouraging response. She was swift, approachable and in my opinion first class in what is often considered a tricky area of family law.


Retired - financial settlement

"Harjit increased my settlement by £80,000!"


Police Officer - Herts - Divorce and financial remedy

I have been using Harjit SARANG from Best Solicitors. She has been excellent. Right from the beginning she adopts a low conflict approach but escalates when necessary. She has allowed me to do much of the admin to save me money, only spending where necessary. I have recommended her to a Met Sergeant who is also very pleased.

Conversely our dealings with ******** have been quite frankly shocking. They are rude, antagonistic and my Met colleague found that they appeared to ‘fleece’ him of unnecessary expenditure.

I would recommend BEST every time.


Mr and Mrs M - Surrogacy in India

"Harjit was our solicitor following surrogacy in India.  Harjit is a very knowledgeable, professional, warm and friendly person who empathised with our situation.  This was very important to us.  Harjit was always approachable and overcame all obstacles to secure our parental order.

We wholeheartedly recommend Harjit!"


Deepesh Mistry - Surrogacy in India

Harjit was one of the first set of lawyers to work on surrogacy from India to the UK and although the law at the time was not yet clear, she navigated her way through with the best possible outcome. She can count herself somewhat of an expert in the subject area now, having seen the process from start through to finish. I couldn't speak highly enough of her or her ability.


Mr and Mrs D - Surrogacy in India

“Thanks again for all that you did from way back when we were still in India feeling stranded.  You have been invaluable throughout"


Mr & Mrs B - International Surrogacy case

"We highly recommend Harjit Sarang for all surrogacy cases and cannot thank her enough in helping us to secure our parental order for this!

The parental order process was an extremely daunting one for us, made particularly more complex due to the fact that we reside outside of the UK. However, with Harjit taking control of our case from the start and producing a high quality bundle of documents for the court, her knowledge and experience in this area enabled us to smoothly secure our parental order without any issues at the first directions hearing. This was a great result for us and is down to Harjit's preparation and hard work.

Thank you very much, Harjit!"


Actress - financial settlement

"I transferred my file from previous solicitors to Harjit a month before my 3 day Final Hearing. Harjit skilfully negotiated a settlement to my satisfaction. I should have transferred my file earlier."


Mr S - children - contact - residence

"My wife took our children to Wales and refused me contact.  Harjit took on the case with a passion and not only secured me contact in a very short period of time but eventually she secured residence of all 4 children with me.   I cannot thank Harjit enough.  Myself, the children and my family are eternally grateful that we had Harjit on our side."


Company Director - Divorce and Consent Order

"Thank you for the first class service.  Your advice made what could have been a difficult process very straight forward"


Anonymous - Family Law

"I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Harjit Sarang to anyone with matrimonial or family issues. Harjit is straight-talking, gives quality, tailored advice and will really fight your corner. Unafraid to take on even the most challenging cases, Harjit is a lawyer of excellent calibre."


Police Sergeant - Children - contact - residence

"My wife moved over 200 miles away with our son without my consent. I saw Harjit on Thursday, we went to court on Friday and I had contact by Monday!"


Police officer

Harjit was very helpful throughout the whole process of my divorce, she always kept me up to date with any progress and was very understanding at what was a difficult time.  She has a great knowledge of divorce law and could always answer any questions I had and advise me accordingly.  I have already recommended Harjit to a friend and would happily recommend her to others.