legal advice on surrogacy in India

legal advice on surrogacy in India

More British couples are seeking legal advice on surrogacy in IndiaSurrogacy law in England has many problems (set out in the previous blog), forcing more and more couples to opt for surrogacy abroad.  The most popular destinations are India and USA.  Eastern Europe is not far behind.    In my experience there are 5 clinks in India that are the most popular that couples use and that are recommended time and time again.  They have established practices, references and a long list of British couples who have successfully used their services for surrogacy in India.

If you are considering this option do get legal advice on surrogacy in India before you sign any contracts or fly to India.  It is advisable to get as much information as possible by e-mail from the clinic in India and then see us for advice about the process.  When we see you we will take details about your fertility history, information about the chosen clinic and then provide you with a full report on the process from now to becoming legal parents for your child.  It is important to take this advice before you fly out to India because there are very strict regulations surrounding surrogacy in India and in England, from a medical and immigration point of view.

We will also talk to you about avoiding exploitation in India.   We know that it is not just surrogacy in India that has exploitation factors but sadly globally.  We will talk to you about clinic practices, agents, fees, surrogacy selection and obtaining legal documents to return to the UK with your child.

There are several things that you can do to prepare yourself for surrogacy in India from selecting the right clinic to forward planning the return of your child to England.  We act for you when you apply to the High Ct to become legal parents for the child or children.  We are aware of what the court wants to see from you to explain why you went for surrogacy in India and how you went about it.  We know the documentation the court wants to see between you, this clinic, agents and surrogate before a court Order is made.

Commercial surrogacy is illegal in England but legal in India.  It is not illegal for you as a British citizen, accessing surrogacy in India commercially.  However, it must be done in a way that does not breach the public policy in England.  We will work with you to make sure that the arrangement is one that will get approved in England.

If you are thinking about surrogacy in India do get in touch and take time to look at our testimonials.  We can also put you in contact with other British couples who have successfully been through the process and taken our legal advice on surrogacy in India.

legal advice on surrogacy in India

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