Indian surrogacy laws


Indian surrogacy laws

If you are considering surrogacy in India, you should find out about the Indian surrogacy laws.  We specialise in surrogacy in India and represent British couples who use many of the clinics across India.  As British citizens wanting to return to England with a child born through surrogacy, you need to be aware of the law in India and the law in England in relation to surrogacy.  You need to get legal advice before you sign any surrogacy agreement and certainly before implantation or insemination takes place.

We can advise in person or by video Skype at your convenience.  We will advise you about the law and take you through the surrogacy process from the start of your journey seamlessly to obtaining a Parental Order for your child when you return to the UK.

Our surrogacy lawyers have completed several of these cases before the High Court in London.   Do contact us to discuss your options about surrogacy in India and the Indian surrogacy laws.

If you are considering surrogacy in India and want some information about Indian surrogacy laws, contact our surrogacy lawyer Harjit Sarang today on 01727 884688 or e-mail

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