Guidance for those opting for surrogacy abroad


Guidance for those opting for surrogacy abroad

There is guidance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for those opting for surrogacy abroad.  The guidance includes full information about the requirements pre  Abercrombie uk outlet women and post arrangement with assistance in matters of immigration.  Finally, a new letter has been issued for the purposes of entrance and exit requirements for those opting for surrogacy in India.

You must seek legal advice from a surrogacy lawyer in the UK if you are considering surrogacy abroad.  You should do this before signing a surrogacy agreement Hollister sale uk and certainly before any implantation of insemination takes place.  You should also take local advice from an independent surrogacy lawyer in the country where the surrogacy takes place.  You need to know that it is legal.

It is crucial to satisfy yourself that you will be able to return to the UK with the child.  We advise that you do as much of the preparation work as possible before Facebook  the birth so that you can be proactive in returning home with the child.  Get expert legal advice, gather as many documents as possible and pre complete as many of the immigration forms as you can.  You should retain a list of documents that you will require in the order that they will be required.

See the latest guidance here here

Once you return home you will need to apply for a Parental Order to become the child's legal parents.  There is a very strict non extendable deadline for this of 6 months from the child's birth.  We can take you through the whole process seamlessly from the initial decision to go for surrogacy abroad to obtaining a Parental Order.

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