Financial settlements / pre nuptial agreements / post marital agreements

Be in control of your wealth.

Agreeing a financial settlement by dividing assets and agreeing maintenance following marriage / relationship breakdown can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Our experienced family law solicitors will give you a number of options geared to reaching an agreement as amicably, cost effectively and swiftly as possible. We will advice on financial settlements / prenuptial agreements / post marital agreements. You will be in control of negotiations supported by our accredited, skilled family lawyers to ensure that issues are narrowed early on avoiding unnecessary disputes that just erode into your finances.

The first stage of this process is always to agree on what the assets are. Next, we help you to agree on what your individual needs are including those of the children. Finally, we help negotiate a settlement dividing the assets to meet those agreed needs. Any surplus will be divided by agreement.  We will help you find and identify assets, advise on levels of spousal or child maintenance and on the value of a possible pension share.  We have experience in dealing with substantially wealthy clients with assets on and off shore.  We also offer bespoke advice to members of the Police Federation wanting to preserve valuable pension assets.

We encourage the use of pre nuptial or post nuptial agreements because if drafted correctly, they give you control of how your assets will be divided if the relationship breaks down. These agreements are being given great weight by the courts if drafted and maintained correctly as your relationship develops.

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