Fertility Law and Parenting Law

We celebrate the right to a family life for all couples regardless of sexual orientation.  If you are going through the process of assisted / artificial conception, you will need bespoke legal advice on legal parenthood and financial obligations.  Our fertility law and parenting law solicitors can assist.

You need to know whether the process that you are going through be it sperm or egg donation, surrogacy or IVF will leave you with legal parenthood status for the child.  If you are receiving or donating eggs or sperm, you need to know whether you become the legal parent and consequently have financial obligations towards the child.  You need to know about fertility law and parenting law.

The law in this field is fast developing in particular, international surrogacy and surrogacy in the UK.   We provide legal advice on your chosen method of conception to include donor conception or co-parenting agreements and parental orders following surrogacy arrangements.  We advise on all aspects of fertility law and parenting law.

Our legal expert in the national press commenting on surrogacy in the UK

Read our family Law blog for more information on all aspects of family law.  Our parenting and fertility department has surrogacy lawyers give bespoke fertility law and parenting law advice on donor conception, co-parenting, surrogacy in the UK or surrogacy abroad.    We are particularly experienced in surrogacy in India and the USA.

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