Cohabitation agreements

We are accredited by Resolution as experts in advising unmarried couples. There is no legal recognition of a common law husband and wife and therefore you should consider getting legal advice on either  cohabitation agreements or living together agreements.

The law applicable to unmarried couples is based on both matrimonial law and the law of trusts.  Depending on how long you have lived together, intentions and whether or not you have children, the court may make a financial reward including the transfer of a property.  The fact that a property is registered in your sole name will not prevent this from happening.  It is therefore particularly important to formalise interests in a property if financial contributions are different.

We advise on property rights, maintenance and children for unmarried couples whether living together or not.

You may require determination of rights to a family home or some maintenance for your children. You may be thinking of living together and require a ’Living Together’ / Cohabitation Agreement setting out financial rights and obligations much like a prenuptial agreement. This may save lengthy and costly court proceedings in future if your relationship breaks down.

Our main office is in St Albans but we also have bespoke meeting room facilities across the South East to meet at your convenience. If you prefer, we can take instructions by e-mail or telephone. We offer fixed fees if your matter is agreed and uncomplicated. We are transparent about our fees and take pride in offering a client focused approach to family law.

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