Children  Custody

You may be separating and need advice on children custody matters including residence, child custody or contact.  It may be that there is a disagreement as to where the children should live and how much the other parent should see them.

There are several ways in which children / custody disputes can be settled that don’t always result in court proceedings.  We shall work with you to mediate a settlement allowing them to maintain a relationship with both of you if it is in their best interests to do so.

In cases where an agreement cannot be reached we can either provide robust court representation or, assist you whilst you act as a litigant in person.  It may assist you to note that the orders available from court include the following :

Orders stating where the children should live – Residence / Custody / Shared care orders

Orders stating that a parent should do something – Specific Issues order

Orders stating that parents should STOP doing something - Prohibited Steps order

Orders that a parent pay for a child or provide housing – Maintenance orders, transfer of property orders

Orders giving you parent status following adoption or surrogacy – Parental Orders and adoption Orders

It may be that you have no legal responsibility for your children and wish to obtain it.  You may seek advice about obtaining Parental Responsibility.  If this cannot be agreed out of court, you may apply to the court for a Parental Responsibility Order.

Please be advised that if there is a risk of child abduction, you should contact the police and us immediately.  There are several things that we can put in place to prevent this occurring.  Not every country has a legal system that will assist you to bring the children back.

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