Contact with the children over Christmas

Contact with children over Christmas

Family law solicitors are inundated with Christmas contact enquiries during this time of the year.   My advice is usually that if you live close enough to one another, the day could be shared between you.  Parent 1 could have morning to 1400/1500 and Parent 2 could have the afternoon / evening (times may vary).  That way, the children see both of you and enjoy the day.

Resisting contact or refusing to facilitate contact to punish your Partner is indirectly punishing the children and demonstrates an inability to put the needs of the children first.

If you live far apart, it is unfair to expect the children to spend hours on Christmas day travelling.  It is also unfair on you to have to travel when you could be enjoying your day.  In those cases we encourage parent 2 to have contact on Boxing Day.  The following year, the routine alternates with parent 2 having contact on Christmas day and parent 1 having contact on Boxing Day.

It is difficult to reach an amicable agreement when one is in the process of an acrimonious divorce.  However, think about the cost savings of reaching an amiable agreement.  A good family law solicitor will encourage you to put the needs of the children first.   Unless there are welfare issues, the children should be spending time with both parents.

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